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Learn a New Language!

Learn a New Language!

The library recently added a new online language database.Mango Languages.  Mango Languages is an online language system teaching actual conversation skills for a wide variety of languages.What languages can I learn?
.    Brazilian Portuguese
.    Spanish
.    Japanese
.    French
.    German
.    Italian
.    Greek
.    Russian
.    Mandarin Chinese
.    ESL Polish
.    ESL Spanish
.    ESL Brazilian Portuguese

How can I log on to the Mango Languages database?

Ashland residents can log on from home or other remote location or in the library with a valid Minuteman library card.From Home:You must be an Ashland resident with a valid Minuteman library card to use Mango from home.  
Please have your library card barcode number available.
1.    Log on to the Town of Ashland website at
2.    Under "Community" click on the link for the library.
3.    Click on Mango Language Learning
4.    Enter your library card number and begin learning!

The Mango Languages database is also available for use in the library.  Please inquire about using one of our public access computers at the front desk.

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